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Bixiencivil offers you a robust portfolio of integral planning services for the delivery of comprehensive solutions from a single source. We bring your individual requirements in line with the actual conditions on site: from basic concepts and selected partial services to the comprehensive preparation of overall planning. Our planning teams work together on a daily basis, both personally and virtually through interdisciplinary 5D BIM models.

Wherever the industry sets the standards of tomorrow, Bixencivil is already fully ready to meet them. When it comes to the future of construction, we do not just want to engage in dialogue about it; we want to help shape it. This is the reason why Bixencivil International is an active member of a whole host of organisations. Overview of our most important commitments: Since 2012, Bixencivil has operated as a separate entity from today’s Bilfinger SE – and, as Bixencivil International GmbH, it represents a crucial part of the BixenCivil Group.

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  • Wood River Ship Center
  • Green House Contruction
  • Park life Renovate
  • World Trade Centre
  • White walls House
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Green Energy

Growing sense of concern and urgency around modernization of electrical infrastructure.


Professional workers

You’ve heard it a thousand times but it consistently holds true.


New Technology

Digital Transformation is Disrupting Every Industry. No one is Immune. Capitalize on Emerging Deep Tech and Adapt to a Digital Transforming World.

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The team is headed up by our managing directors: three experienced professionals who combine planning, project management, commercial issues and digitalisation to ensure the success of project delivered.
David Tunnel
Engr TMB Group